Meet Flintco’s Senior Superintendent!


Flintco’s Senior Superintendent

Last week, our sales team had the pleasure of touring the 44 East Ave construction site. It was amazing to see all of the progress that’s been made. We have currently reached the 9th level of our parking garage, just one floor away from the parking podium’s top level. Our team was really impressed by the views of Lady Bird Lake even from the lower levels of the parking garage. We are so excited to see Austin’s soaring views as 44 East Ave continues to go vertical.

 Flintco’s Senior Superintendent, Bubba Swink led our construction tour and chatted with our team on how things were going at 44 East Ave. We asked him a few questions — check out what he had to say.


What’s your favorite thing about working in construction?
One of them is the feeling you get knowing that you’ve built something that will stand in the skyline. I’ve worked on many condominiums, including The Independent, and each one stands as its own unique statue. There’s a certain pride you feel when a building you’ve worked on reaches completion. Any time you drive or walk by it, you think, “Wow, I did that.” It’s a great feeling. 


What’s your favorite thing about 44 East Ave?
I think it’s probably the location. It’s located in a pretty quiet area for the most part. Plus, you’re right next to Lady Bird Lake.


How is construction going?
Construction is going really well. There are a few challenging aspects like difficulties with deliveries due to the site’s size, but for the most part, I’m pretty happy with how everything things are going. Our team and the trade teams are working hard to deliver a great building, and I’m proud of them. The Texas summer heat has been brutal, but we’re pushing through it and getting excited for the colder months.


What’s the best part about working at Flintco?
The best part about working at Flintco is the people. There are some really intelligent and talented people on our team, and I’m happy to work with them. We have a lot of young people on our team, but it’s balanced out with old guys like me. Haha


How has COVID-19 effected construction?
At first, there was so much that was unknown so we weren’t sure how everything would play out, but we continued working and adapting without things slowing down on site. We split the office side of the project into two teams so that if someone tested positive, we wouldn’t all be affected.


What are some safety measures in place on-site now because of COVID-19?
We’ve added a lot more hand washing stations, and we’ve hired a full-time cleaning person that goes around cleaning restrooms, hand washing stations, high touch areas, etc. Everyone is required to wear work gloves and fave coverings. We also have a COVID-19 check-in station that sends immediate responses to our safety department if there is any negative feedback on our questionnaire.



Check out some photos from our tour!