New high rises coming to Rainey Street District to change Austin’s skyline

New high rises in the Rainey Street District are about to change Austin’s Skyline. Gone are the days of thinking small.

“It’s a great time to be in Austin, the sleepy town I remember from the 80s is long gone,” said Rachael Kennedy with La Vie En Rainey.

Austin is growing and it’s growing fast in areas, including popular destinations like Rainey Street.

“This was single tiny resident houses and they weren’t in super great repair,” said Kennedy.

Now high rises stand in the place of homes and the buildings just keep getting bigger. At more than 545 feet tall on 44 East Avenue, a new high-rise condo is coming to town.

“The views that so many of these homes are going to have are going to be just incredible,” said Brad Stein with Intracorp.